Letter Catchers can do so much more for you than you think.

My letter catchers are super easy to fit. They attach to your door and cover your internal letter box flap via a Velcro style system. There are two sticky back strips supplied that you attach to your door, one above the flap and one below. These stay on your door permanently. The sticky strips can be easily cut down to size if your door has a frame around the letterbox flap. The letter catcher bag then attaches to these strips by pressing the strips sewn onto the bag against the ones on the door. There are no tools needed and no holes to create when attaching to your door so perfect if you rent or lease your property. Universal fit, covering letter box flaps up to 8cm tall and 35cm wide. 
Please ensure you have fully read the instructions and thoroughly cleaned and dried the door where the letter catcher will fit fully before attaching the sticky strips. 

How to use them.
Access to the post can be made through 20cm open sides (on both sides for any door orientation) or by pulling down the top to access larger items thanks to the Velcro style fixing.

How big are they?
They are on average 41cm tall x 42cm wide, which are big enough to take newspapers and magazines as well as large amounts of envelopes.

What do they do?
They catch your post for you, so no more bending down to pick post up from the floor. Great if you have back issues or you use a wheelchair.
If your door with your letter box is in your front room, they can add a bit of colour and interest to your room.
They can hide the post from a pet that likes to attack or chew the mail. They can help to stop a draught coming through your letter box flap.
They cover the letterbox so if you have a missing, unsightly or damaged flap, this solves it for you.
They can help to reduce the risk of someone looking through your letter box, or fishing for keys to gain access to your property or take your car keys. No more build-up of post on the floor while you are away either, which if you have glass panels near your post box, is a clear indication that you are not home to a potential burglar. 

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