About my products

All of my bags have been made using a process that ensures you get a bag that is useful, reliable and neatly finished, not just one that looks good on your shoulder.
They all have straps that are sewn in at 3 different stages of the making process, the outer fabrics have been sewn and overlocked, and the addition of a full lining gives you the knowledge that they will be practical. All bags are tested using 8kg of weight, which is plenty enough so you can be confident when shopping for heavier items. They are machine washable too. This means even if you get dirty items from a farmers market you can be happy knowing they are easy to clean. And with so much choice available too.


From the depth of despair comes life and creativity. And from that comes Create-England.

I may sound like I'm a large company, but that could not be further from the truth. I am just one man with a couple of sewing machines, and an appetite for design and practicality. (And a little bit of compulsive cleaning thrown in)

I love to keep busy, and I am always looking for a better way, and new things to make. I have been running as a small business since 2017, and I have covered many different mediums of craftiness, but I have finally found my happy place with my sewing.

But I wont just stop now I have found that. I will always be looking for better ways to make what I make, better and more eco friendly ways and materials, and new things to add to my ever growing collection.

All I need you to do, is support me. That can be through a purchase, or something as simple as sharing something you like with your friends and family on social media.

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