Looking for bunting but just can't find the right one for you?

Choose from ready made bunting flags or work with me to choose the fabric you would like on your bunting.

Orders take on average from 1-3 days to process for ready made flags or up to 2 weeks for flags made from other fabrics.

About and enquiry process

Choose from a range of ready made bunting options in the gallery below, or if you don't see the right ones for you, ask me to help you source the right fabrics for your requirements. Contact me using the below form to get your order placed, or contact me on Twitter. 

Bunting flags are available in 4 different sizes (See photo below) and the number of flags per meter of bunting will vary according to flag sizes.

Prices range depending on the fabrics used. For example, single sided bunting flags with a white backing would start from £5 per meter for non backed flags, plain backed flags from £7 per meter and for double sided flags from £8.75 per meter. If the flag is made from a fabric that needs to be upright (IE, Has words or animals that are all facing the same way) then the price may increase.

All the bunting is made from fabric and can be machine washed, so if you are choosing Christmas, or Halloween for example, it can be washed and stored for next year.

I am currently unable to do lettering flags to spell out a word, but I am looking into this for the future.

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Ready made bunting

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