Amazing Grace Art. A Glasgow based artist selling on Etsy.

Grace is an amazing #artist, which is apt for her business name. Based in #Glasgow, Scotland (just in case you didn't know where Glasgow is) she really has an amazing collection of #artworks all ready for you to purchase.

This acrylic paint artwork has been painted on a small 6x5 inch stretch #canvas and features an array of summer wild flowers in a meadow. Considering the size of this, there is a vast amount of detail, and this shows just how good she really is.

All of her artworks are #original pieces, but you can also get some of her artworks on items like #cushion covers, #mugs and even framed #prints too.

There are lots of beautiful items to see and purchase in her shop, well worth a virtual trip from your sofa.

There are more #small #business #support #blogs on my site, so if you are looking for a gift, just type in the search box and see what appears.

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