Dippyfish cards. Funny, sweary, naught but niche Greetings Cards (⚠️ language warning ⚠️)

Updated: Jun 13

Don't bother with the big card shops. Get unique, slightly sweary, funny cards from Dippyfish. They are all made from hand drawn pictures by Amelia who runs this fun card shop on Etsy. She really has a talent for art, and she has a slightly naughty side too, which shows through her cards and artworks. Below are a few of the items that caught my eye. Some because they are a bit sweary, some because I relate.

I love this card because it can be given in any situation. Maybe someone who doesn't want to turn 50 but has, or for someone who is very clumsy. Even giving it to a bride or groom on their wedding day as a tongue in cheek card. There is so much detail in the artwork on this card, and the extra detail of the snail just brings that added element to the card that you don't always get in the big shop cards.

I relate to this card. Being around people is not my favourite pastime. Again, you could send this to someone in many situations, and because its blank inside, you don't have to worry about what else it says. Again, there is the added element of the crabs on this card. Amelia really does think of the details when she makes these.

This glow worm postcard has a lovely and funny rhyme on the front, it always makes me smile when I see it. A great postcard for cheering someone up. Amelias way with words means you always get something that makes you giggle.

Rear of cards
Rear of cards

One of the other things I love about Amelia's cards are the back of them. There is a lovely touch which tells you about the idea behind the front image. And because Amelia draws all the artworks herself, you will not be finding them anywhere else. So don't bother trawling the card shops for your cards this year, get a cuppa put your feet up and shop on her website.


As with all my small business blogs, there are many more items that you can find on their website, clicking photos will take you to the main site or the specific page they came from. Please also have a look back at my previous blogs, you may find something you like.

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