Do you have a headache from lack of sleep?

I used to, until I started to use this #sleep easy cream from Natura Emporium.

To be honest, I was always sceptical about if a cream could really help me sleep. Being a creative type means my brain is always on the go, especially when it's bedtime, dam you brain. Then I was sent this as a gift.

The first time I used this, I thought the smell was a bit strong, but that was because I put far too much on, so had to wash some off (I must start to read instructions). Now I know what I'm doing with it, it works a treat nearly every night (Sometimes nothing will stop that idea bubbling away). I put a little bit on my wrist, on the outside of my arm, basically because I sleep curled up in a ball with the duvet wrapped round me like a cocoon, and this is pretty much the only part of me that is exposed to my face. The scent of this helps me to clear my mind by letting me focus on the smell of it.

If you want to have a proper read up on this product rather than listen to me waffle on for ages about nothing in particular, head to and you can see what else she has to offer. And if reading this has caused you to have a #headache then she has roll-ons that can help with that too.

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