Handmade Cork Wrap Notebooks from BooksBySueDay, a UK Small Business

Updated: Jun 13

Books by Sue Day

I love to make notes, its the only way I can remember to do things, and these two note books that I purchased from BooksBySueDay are just perfect.

The main one I use for my work is the gold and cork larger wrap one, the smaller one is my shopping list.

Both are superbly made, you can literally see the time and effort that has gone into making these, from the binding to the pages that are all perfectly lined up and cut to size, through to the leather wrap strings that close them up.

The larger cork wrap one has hints of gold in the cork, which gives it a lovely shimmer, and it feels amazing too, soft but with texture, cant help but stroke it when I pick it up. I use this note pad a lot, it has all the measurements I need for all my fabulous makes, and notes on things I have yet to make too. It has held together perfectly thanks to the attention to detail that Sue puts into her work.

The smaller note pad is used as my shopping list, it fits nicely into my pocket and helps me to remember what I went to the shop for in the first place.

I have had both for over three years now, and I still haven't run out of pages, and they are still as strong as the day I got them.

If you would like your own, Sue has a wide choice of different sizes and wraps, including some beautiful floral ones. You can shop on her website. https://handcraftedbooksbysueday.co.uk/shop

Please note. This is a product review from items I have purchased to use myself. Photo's have links to the website and products.

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