Handmade soap, shampoo and deodorant from Chapel Soap, a small UK business

Updated: Jun 13

The Chapel Soap Co UK

If you are looking for some fabulous soap bars, shampoo bars or deodorant then I can highly recommend you visit the Chapel Soap website.

Dean, who makes these is super talented and really knows what he is doing.

The first for me to review is the Cleansing Volcanic Ash bar with subtle Citrus Notes.

To begin, it smells amazing, it even makes the bathroom smell gorgeous too. Lathers up really nicely, and leaves me feeling so much cleaner than the big brand products I used to use. I have oily skin and this really does make me feel dry and smooth. Its a really nice size bar too, not too big for you to hold and not small enough to run out quickly either.

Second item is the solid Shampoo Bar - White Clay & May Chang - Normal / Oily Hair. I have always been dubious about shampoo bars for my hair. As with my skin, it gets very oily. This cuts straight through this with just one wash. And as with the soap, its smells fabulous too. I may not have much hair on my head but I wont be using anything else from now.

Third and final one for me was the Cool Mint Solid Deodorant. And yes, it really does smell of cool mint, almost good enough to eat. I have had comments from others that I smell nice too while wearing this. And as for the deodorant part, it really does work. Just push the bar up from underneath to use.

Finally I have to applaud dean on his plastic free fabulousness. Not one part of any of the packaging, for either the products and the packaging, contained any plastics. Now that is a win for all.


Please note. This is a product review from items I have purchased to use myself. Photo's have links to the website and products.

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