Letterbox Bags, Letter catchers, mail slot covers, Post box draught excluders by Create-England

What are my letterbox door bags? Well, simply put, they attach to your door, covering your letterbox and catching your mail. But that is not all they do. Here is a rundown of what else they are used for, and simple fitting instructions too.

What type of letterbox bags are there?

There are lots of options available. These are the core lines that are usually always available.

There are occasional other options available like the ones below, but if you don't see a fabric you like, you can always ask if I can make one specifically for you.

What else can they do?

With the ability to aid you in many ways, these are a great idea for your home. Or maybe you know someone else that would benefit from one of these.

They are really easy to use too.

There designed to give you easy and flexible access to your mail. With an open side on both sides so that you can get your letters from, and an easy pull down top so you can get to larger items like newspapers and magazines.

How easy are they to fit?

Very easy is the answer. Top tip, even if you have a clean home, always ensure you have cleaned the area around the mail slot first, ideally using a cleaner that will remove any grease that you can not see. Alcohol based cleaner is best but a kitchen cleaner or washing up liquid will do it too. Then ensure it is allowed to fully dry before attaching the strips to your door. After that, just follow the simple steps to attach it.

Where can you purchase these?

www.create-england.co.uk is the best and cheapest option for you. They are also available on eBay and Etsy but the main bulk of stock is available on my website.

Like my blog about my product? I have many other blogs about other small uk business on my website too. Just have a look round. You can even search for a specific item like "jewellery" and it will show you blog posts that include these items.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you are keeping well.

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