Makeup remover pads, eco friendly with wash bag from Samm Designs.

Updated: Jun 13

These eco friendly make-up remover pads & laundering bag from Samm's etsy shop are sure to be a hit with anyone that purchases them or receives them as a gift.

In the purchase there are six generously sized washable and reusable make-up remover pads/scrubbies. On one side is recycled soft type fabrics, for delicate eye areas, and on the other side a gently exfoliating towelling type fabric. Because they are washable, you can ditch your single use face wipes, and even better, they are made from recycled material, so it's an ecological win / win with these.

They even come with a recycled fabric laundering bag which is also made of up-cycled cotton or poly cotton type fabric off-cuts, with an appliquéd motif and an elasticated closure.

And people are loving these too. Samm has had loads of 5 star reviews, here is one of them.

So if you want to make a start on ditching those single use wipes, then here is where you should start.

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