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Updated: Jun 13

My Helpful Hints

Not getting the reach you wish from your online business? My helpful hints can really help, and for just £10 a year (and that is not a typo). There is even a 14 day free trial you can use to see how fab it really is.

Below are a few of the benefits of becoming a member.

On social media? So is My Helpful Hints. I use Twitter and Instagram for my social media platforms, and have done for quite a while with not too much interaction. Then I joined the My Helpful Hints community, it is the best £10 I have even spent on my small business. There is a hashtag that members can use on their posts, and this enables the other 400+ members to see and interact with my posts, and they are all fabulous at doing this too. There is even a members messaging board on twitter, where people can ask for help and advice, and the other members are always willing to do this. I learnt so much on there, and even cried with laughter sometimes too.

The site has a small business directory that you are added to when you become a member. It lists your logo and details about your business, along with social media links and website links. You, and others, can browse the listings to find a company that can do what you want to be done. And if you cant find someone, just pop onto social media and ask, and the members will happily help.

And there is more, you can see lots of product reviews, from small and big business, and even submit a form to get your product reviewed too. And each and every review is honest. If there is something that is not quite right, it will be mentioned, so you can trust what he says on them.

Darren, who runs the My Helpful Hints website is an amazing person too. He has so much knowledge of social media and websites. He often puts social media hacks up to help you understand what you need to do to get even more out of it. So, if you want to take your small business to another level, it is well worth joining.

As with all my small business blogs, there are many more items that you can find on their website, clicking photos will take you to the main site or the specific page they came from. Please also have a look back at my previous blogs, you may find something you like.

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