Seven days of colour from some fabulous makers on Twitter.

This past week was the #CCcolour challenge on twitter, where makers and artists were showing items they have made and are selling according to a specific colour of the day. It really brightened up the timeline and there were so many different items to see too. Here are a few of the ones that caught my eye.

Monday was the colour red and this hand embroidered and handmade bag is not just beautiful, it's eco friendly too. It has been made from curtain samples, has some beautiful hand embroidery detailing and was made by the very talented on twitter. Shop link on photo.

Tuesday saw the colour yellow. I just love this congratulations card. The two yellow birds are clearly in love, and I adore the rings on their beaks. Easy to order and personalise, and if you like the birds, there are lots of other cards like new home, birthday and anniversary cards available too. All made by the lovely on twitter. Shop link on photo.

Wednesday was the colour green and this fantasy landscape artwork is gorgeous. It really draws you in, and looks like a lovely warm and safe space to be enjoyed in you mind. The wide border really makes this painting pop. It was made by on twitter. Shop link on photo.

Thursday was the colour blue. And this velvet drawstring bag really is blue. It looks so rich in colour and the material gives it a lovely multi toned look too. I love the simplicity of the drawstring closing that gives the bag a beautiful shape when in use, but also allows it to be stored flat when not in use. Made by the lovely on twitter. Shop link on photo.

Friday saw the colour purple. This wool crochet blanket has a lovely purple, as well as some fabulous asteticly pleasing colours. The patterning really makes you focus on the centre of the blanket. It even comes with Crystal so you can sit on the blanket, hold the crystal on your hand and get well within the chill zone. Made by on twitter. Shop link on photo.

Saturday was the colour brown. This Pietersite ring is the loveliest colour brown I have seen in a long while, I love the swirls and movement in the stone. And it has been mounted on a hand crafted sterling silver ring and mount that was made by on twitter. Shop link on photo.

Sunday's colours were black and white and these heart shape cushions certainly catch the eye. Designed for use by men that have undergone surgery for breast cancer, Protecting surgical wounds and helping with sleep too. These are made by sewn for you designs on twitter

Shop link on photo.

I hope you like the selection I have chosen to showcase. There are many other colourful and beautiful items in the challenge, just search #CCcolour on twitter to see them all.

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