Why is it important to support small and independent business in the UK

Unlike big #business, the pennies of the hard earned money that you spend on a small or #independent business goes to the #artist / #maker, and not an offshore bank account, meaning the money stays in the UK. This can only be good for the #economy.

Think of it this way.

Money spent in big business > 1% goes to artist or maker, of which 80% may not be UK based

Money spent on UK small / indie business > 100% goes to a UK based artist or maker

Now, I hear you when you say that Big business provides #jobs to a massive amount of people, and I can not take away from that, but how many times have you heard recently that an online company has purchased the name and brand of a #highstreet shop and are closing the shops down to sell online only.

Maybe it's about time we stop shopping at these and start shopping at places in our #local areas, our farm shops, independent businesses and local artists and #creatives. This will keep the money in the local area and the UK, which creates more purchase power for goods in the UK, which creates more money in the UK, which increases the tax paid in the UK without the tax avoidance of some business or offshore accounts of some big business. This could then lead to more independents and artists being able to sell from physical spaces in our towns and cities (as long as the GOV can help by reducing costs to UK small business, which creates more opportunity for physical stores and more jobs).

Where can you find these local artists and creatives? There are so many groups and #smallbusiness on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram where they sell and show their goods. They often have links to their websites on their pages, and may even sell in one of the many crafters collective physical shops in and around your area. If you do the leg / finger work, you will find them.

So next time you are looking at getting a gift for someone, a card for someone, or something for yourself, think about where you are getting them from, and how you can help your local area, and the UK, and make sure the majority of the money goes to the people who deserve it most.

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