Whisky Stone from Ness Sea Glass, a UK Small Business

Updated: Jun 13

Whisky Stone

I love a wee dram of whiskey, but I take my time over drinking it, and ice cubes were melted and the drink was watered down by the time I got to finish it.

That is now no longer a problem.

This is absolutely gorgeous, and of course, coming from Ness Sea Glass it had to be the lock ness monster.

The "stone" itself is actually a metal object that you pop in the freezer to make it cold, and it even has a sucker to keep it at the bottom of your glass. So Nessie wont be headbutting your nose every time you take a sip. The item arrived in good time, and the packaging was perfect for gifting it to someone too.

In summary, Fabulous item that does exactly what you want it to do, and packaged perfectly for gifting too. https://www.ness-seaglass.com/

Please note. This is a product review from items I have purchased to use myself. Photo's have links to the website and products.

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