I may sound like I'm a large company, but that could not be further from the truth. I am just one man with a couple of sewing machines, and an appetite for design and practicality. (And a little bit of compulsive cleaning thrown in). I have been running as a small business since 2017, and I have covered many different mediums of craftiness, but I have finally found my happy place with my sewing.

My letter catchers were born out of necessity. A family member had become ill and was no longer steady on their feet. This meant that picking the post up from the floor was a daily issue. Being a renter, we were unable to attach a letter cage to the door as these require screws and holes, and the door opened onto a wall so this would have damaged the wall and made the door unable to open all the way. We needed a solution that would suit all of these issues. 

My first attempt of making one was a disaster, it took far too long to make and required me changing the size of the hole several times, and proved to be inadequate for the job in hand, so I went back to the drawing board (well, a piece of A4 paper) It took several weeks of designing until I came up with a solution that didn't require me having to make different designs for different size letterbox flaps, and fixings that were strong enough for the job. And then after several makes and tweaks, my letter catchers were born.

Since then I have been making them from different fabrics as not everyone wants a plain block colour design, and people have been loving them with comments like "lovely quality material", "Really liked it x speedy delivery and excellent product", "Fabulously made, love this.. perfect as I have an eager post catcher Jack Russell !!"

I may not be the new millionaire from this, in fact, I struggle to be the new "poundaire", but if my items can ease the pain from picking the post up from the floor for just a few people, it makes me happy. Maybe you know someone that would benefit from one of these.

All I need you to do now is support me. That can be through a purchase, or something as simple as sharing something you like with your friends and family on social media. Or if you are able, I have a donation button on the bottom of this page.

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