Tired of Letterbox Draughts or Pets Eating your Mail?

Our custom hand made letter catchers are a soft, fabric bag that nestles on the inside of your door, ight over the mail slot.

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What even is a letter catcher?

A Letter Catcher is like a cozy nest for your mail—a soft, fabric bag that nestles on the inside of your door, right over the mail slot.


And here’s why they’re fantastic:

  • Pet Protection: Ever had a curious dog who thinks mail is a chew toy? The Letter Catcher shields your post from playful paws.
  • Draught Defense: Say goodbye to chilly drafts sneaking through the letterbox. Your home stays snug.
  • No More Bending: No need to stoop down and pick up letters from the floor. The Letter Catcher catches them mid-air.
  • Security Boost: By covering the mail slot from the inside, you add an extra layer of home security.
  • Fragile Items: When the postman slides in delicate packages, your Letter Catcher cradles them gently.

Easy Installation

No drills, no fuss. Just attach it with the Velcro style strips provided

Hade made in Lincolnshire, England

  • Material: Crafted from durable cotton polyester.
  • Size: External measurements: Approximately 41.0 cm wide x 40.0 cm high unless otherwise stated.
  • Design Variety: Lots of ready made and ready to post options..
  • Made to Order: Don't see one you like? Just ask and we can discuss options.

No Drilling

Perfect for renters

Our Letter Catchers

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How to install our letter catcher

It's a very simple process!

  • Clean: Prep the area around your letterbox.
  • Peel & Stick: Remove the backing paper from the pre-attached Velcro strips.
  • Align: Stick the strips under and over the letterbox keeping them as central as possible.
  • Attach: Line the strips on the letter catcher to the strips on the door and push.

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